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Kybella is a new FDA-approved treatment designed to remove fat from under the chin (i.e., a “double chin”) without surgery. The technique involves the injection of deoxycholic acid beneath the skin of the submental region, an area extending from the chin back to the angle of the jaw on either side. As we age and gradually gain more weight over time, this area becomes more and more convex (i.e., bulging) a change that is sometimes dramatically demonstrated by photographs taken from a profile view.

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Evaluation of Kybella

Los Angeles patients interested in Kybella are examined and evaluated by a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine whether they are good candidates for this treatment. Other possible causes of submental fullness (fat beneath the chin) include conditions such as cervical lymphadenopathy and thyromegaly. Contraindications to the injection of Kybella such as pre-existing dysphagia or the use of anticoagulant therapy, are carefully ruled out prior to administering the treatment.

In addition, because patients are evaluated initially by plastic surgeons, a careful assessment can be made as to whether treatment with Kybella can meet their aesthetic goals and expectations. Although Kybella is a significant addition to our quiver of nonsurgical rejuvenating treatments, it is not the answer to all aesthetic problems of the neck and submental region. It will not, for instance, be able to cure platysmal banding (the presence of a “turkey gobbler” on the neck), although injection of Kybella with Botox may improve the appearance of the neck. Nor can Kybella treat issues of skin laxity or redundancy, although, in some cases, pairing Kybella with non-invasive skin-tightening procedures may work well.

More importantly, because we are a plastic surgery practice, we are experts in the anatomy of the neck and submental region, including the course and location of significant blood vessels and nerves, muscles, salivary glands and lymph nodes. We are also knowledgeable in the surgical and aesthetic procedures available for these regions which patients may have undergone prior to seeking treatment with Kybella. By the same token, as plastic surgeons, we have the ability to choose one or a combination of noninvasive and surgical procedures that will most efficiently allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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We use a combination of topical anesthetic and ice packs to minimize patient discomfort during the injection of Kybella. Prior to injection, the planned treatment area is carefully marked, along with important nerves and blood vessels that must be avoided. A precise grid for the evenly spaced small volume subcutaneous injections is then drawn within the previously demarcated treatment area.  The injections themselves are performed by carefully drawing the skin and targeted submental fat up and away from the soft tissue beneath it.

We use extremely small needles to inject Kybella in order to precisely localize placement of the solution into the center of the subcutaneous submental fat pocket and to further minimize patient discomfort and swelling. After injection, we temporarily apply a snug adhesive dressing to further minimize any minor bruising or swelling.

Up to 10cc of Kybella (100mg) may be administered in this manner in a given treatment. We are scrupulous in our practice about only using fresh Kybella solution. Any unused solution is discarded at the end of each treatment.

The number of injections administered during each treatment, their placement, and the total number of treatments is precisely tailored to the specific topography of each patient’s unique distribution of submental fat, as well as his or her individual treatment goals. Patients can undergo up to six treatment sessions at intervals of one month to achieve maximal treatment of the submental region.


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你還在對著鏡子里的自己努力的擺脫雙下巴的煩惱嗎? 無論你如何的控制飲食和鍛煉,下巴上的肉肉都沒有絲毫的改變嗎?

現在,WAVE 美亦恒整形外科給你一個終極的解決方案!

WAVE 美亦恒整形外科一路從實踐中走來,作為整形專業領域的領航者我們一直走在尖端科技的最前沿。我們不是一般的醫美中心我們是專業整形外科診所,我們的醫生是經過美國整形外科協會認證的。因此每當有新型技術以及頂級品牌的出現,WAVE 美亦恒整形外科總是第一個被邀請優先獲得使用權或代理權。KYBELLA是最新獲得美國FDA 認證的能有效祛除雙下巴的革命性治療產品,現在我們榮幸的宣佈WAVE 美亦恒整形外科成為洛杉磯首家獲准推出KYBELLA 這一注射項目的專業整形中心。


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KYBELLA是第一个也是唯一一個經過美國食品藥品監督管理局FDA批准上市的改善下頦豐滿外觀,重塑下頦輪廓的非手术的治疗方式。與抽脂手术相比 , KYBELLA是微創且沒有恢復期的治療方案。对于那些正在寻找方法能快速、轻松解决掉自己双下巴人 ,KYBELLA無疑是一个最好的非手术治疗选择。

KYBELLA 注射專門針對下頦區域的脂肪。其含有的主要活性成分脫氧膽酸是一種體內自然產生的分子,可幫助脂肪的分解和吸收。將KYBELLA 注射到下頦的脂肪區域破壞原有的脂肪細胞從而達到永久消除脂肪細胞的目的,使該區域不再儲存和積累脂肪。由於個體差異每個人的治療情況會有所不同。一般的患者進行三次的治療就可以達到的預期的治療效果。由於個體因素影響通常建議患者進行2-4的次治療每次治療間隔1個月。治療完成后效果可永久保持不再需要後續治療。


正如要保持年輕的外貌需要減少皺紋的一樣,徹底解決雙下巴也是留住青春不可缺少的一部分。 過去,非手術治療下頦豐滿的方法是不存在的直到今天KYBELLA這一革命性產品的出現。KYBELLA 的注射治療需要經過培訓并通過KYTHERA公司認證的醫生方可進行操作,WAVE 美亦恒整形外科的醫生率先通過認證授權為患者進行服務。


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WAVE美亦恒整形外科鐳射美容中心是美國整形外科醫師協會和美國整形外科委員會的資深會員。Dr. Peter Lee, Dr. Jonathan Shifren, Dr. Goretti Ho 三位醫生畢業于芝加哥大學、哈弗醫學院,菲利普斯學院等名校。醫生們用多年豐富的手術經驗結合最先進的科學技術為每一位來這裡的患者提供最優質的服務。他們始終秉持與患者良好的溝通、建立良好的醫患關係的理念作為公司發展的基石,並將這一理念切實的融合到每一台手術中。

WAVE美亦恒整形外科鐳射美容中心Dr. Peter Lee多年致力於亞裔整形手術的研究,經他的巧手打造的成功手術案例已經超過20000。我們專為亞洲人設計的符合亞洲人臉型及面部特點的雙眼皮手術及隆鼻術在業界獲得了廣泛的讚譽及口碑,滿足了眾多男性及女性患者對美的渴望與追求。在WAVE美亦恒整形外科我們將每一位患者都視為一個獨立的個體,為每一個患者量身制定獨特的手術方案力求打造最完美的手術效果。

WAVE美亦恒整形外科2010-2015連續5年獲得Ulthera®公司頒發的全美Ultherapy® Visionary Award 。並與2015年同時獲得全球Ultherapy 超聲刀施術量最多的整形診所第一名的殊榮。做為擁有最多Ultherapy 客人的專業整形中心,能讓這麼多的人在我們的手中變的越來越美,越來越有自信我們由衷感到榮幸和驕傲。

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