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Breast Augmentation in San Francisco

Breast Augmentation can help increase the fullness and projection of your breasts as well as improve the balance between the breasts and hips.  Undergoing breast augmentation or “augmentation mammoplasty” can help you enhance your self-confidence and rejuvenate your appearance.  Many people opt for breast augmentation to correct volume loss after pregnancy or weight loss.  It can also be used to increase the symmetry and shape of the breasts.


There are several different FDA-approved implant types and incision techniques for women to choose from. During your consultation, one of our trained San Francisco plastic surgeons will help you find the right breast implant type, incision, and placement based on your unique figure and expectations.


One of the first choices that you will have to make for your breast augmentation is whether you want silicone or saline breast implants. The implant that is best for you will depend on your body type, amount of existing breast tissue, as well as your goal look and reasons for undergoing surgery. What may work best for one woman may not be the ideal solution for you, so it is important that we discuss your surgery in detail to make the best determination for your implants.

At Wave Plastic Surgery, we offer women the choice of Natrelle® gummy bear silicone implants or saline-filled implants. The newer gummy bear implants, nicknamed for their cohesive, leakproof structure, have been said to provide for a more natural look and feel. Women who desire a rounder or shapelier look may be better suited for saline implants. Both have been approved by the FDA and have a long track record of safety and beautiful results.


There will be many components of your breast augmentation surgery that can be customized depending on your own unique case. Factors such as breast implant type, incision location, and implant placement will all be discussed and decided during your consultation with one of our doctors.

When you come in for your surgery, you will be put under a general anesthesia. We will then proceed to make a discreet incision, either in the crease under your breast, around the areola, or beneath your arm. Silicone implants will be placed pre-filled either above or below the pectoral muscle, whereas saline implants are placed empty and then filled once they have been set.

Once your breast implant is placed within the created pocket, your incisions are closed and any necessary surgical dressings are placed. After breast augmentation, it is possible to return to work within just a few days to a week, depending on the type of activity that is required at your job. Special surgical techniques and post-operative care instructions will be given to minimize complications like bleeding, asymmetry, infections, and capsular contractures. At Wave Plastic Surgery, we provide a special protocol to further minimize capsular contracture – an unnatural hardening of the breast due to post-surgical development of scar tissue.

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Wave Plastic Surgery Corrects Breast Implant Malfunctions

Each year, many women choose to undergo breast augmentation in order to reshape and refine their feminine contours. The goal of breast surgery is to restore natural breast volume and shape.

Women choose breast implants for reasons such as:

This popular breast procedure is ideal not only in restoring a feminine figure, but also more importantly for improving a woman’s self-image and self-confidence.

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Our Breast Augmentation Specialists

Plastic Surgeon Peter Lee

Peter Lee

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Peter is CEO and Chief Surgeon of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center with over 20 years of plastic surgery experience, overlooking 30K+ successful plastic surgery cases. He has mentored master surgeons around the world in state-of-the-art techniques, and has been inducted into the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame.

His many accolades and shining results are evidence of Peter’s expertise.

Plastic Surgeon Ben Lee

Ben Lee

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Throughout 20+ years in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Ben Lee has always been passionate about using his skills to impart a lasting, positive impact on the lives of his patients.

“Time and time again, I have witnessed dramatic improvements in a patient’s confidence and well-being after a relatively minor cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. As a surgeon, that brings me great joy.” — Dr. Ben Lee

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