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Scarlet RF in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Scarlet RF is a brand-new technology that is capable of treating a large variety of skin health issues. Scarlet delivers visible results and improves skin tone, elasticity and texture after only one treatment with little to no downtime.

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Why Scarlet RF?

Scarlet RF is where fractional radiofrequency technology and microneedle therapy meet for the first time. The amazing benefits of each of these technologies is widely known, and when used together, creates a treatment that packs a powerful punch. Scarlet RF treats a host of skin issues by stimulating the production of collagen and strengthening underlying dermal tissue.

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Benefits of Scarlet RF

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Scarlet RF Before and After Photos

Before and after Scarlet RF photos

Youthful skin is firm and supple, thanks to the rapid production of collagen. As we age, however, the amount of collagen our body produces diminishes more and more, starting around the age of 25. A decrease in the production of collagen causes many types of skin afflictions. However, these issues can be treated, reversed and prevented with Scarlet SF. A series of treatments is recommended based on the issue you’d like to target, however you will see improvements in your skin in only one session!

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