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Laser Hair Removal

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LASER HAIR REMOVAL in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Laser hair removal represents a significant breakthrough in the removal of unwanted body hair. It is based on the principle of selective thermolysis, whereby a specific wavelength of light of an optimal pulse duration is aimed at a dark target that will absorb this light energy, while the surrounding lighter colored tissues are spared. In the case of laser hair removal, that target is melanin, the dark pigment in the hair follicle. For this reason, the ideal combination for laser hair removal is dark hair in light skin.

Hair has three phases of growth, but a laser can only affect the hair in its most active phase of early growth, the anagen phase. It is for this reason that several sessions of laser treatment are required to achieve an optimal long-term reduction of hair. After each laser hair removal treatment, the affected hairs are usually shed two to three weeks after each session.


Our laser hair removal treatment offers the advantages of reduced time for each treatment, maximizing treatment efficacy with optimal wavelength, pulsing, and power, while expanding the range of skin types that can be treated from Type I (light skin) to Type VI (dark skin). Best of all, the treatments are virtually painless because of laser hair removal’s greater comfort cooling system.

The combination of efficacy, patient comfort, and speed makes Diolaze the leader in hair removal with many benefits including:

  • Built-in cooling system for greater comfort than other laser hair removal systems
  • Works with most skin types and hair colors
  • Leaves skin smooth, and smooth
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Safe and non-toxic: no need for harsh, irritating chemicals
  • A gentle, efficient, and easy way to permanently remove unwanted body hair!

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