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Because the nose is such a central feature of the face, the slightest flaw can cause facial imbalance and may lead to problems with low self-esteem and embarrassment. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is designed to provide men and women with a balanced, harmonious facial appearance through the reshaping of the nose, along with the nasal bone and cartilage. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Los Angeles are highly trained and use general anesthesia in providing this technically challenging rhinoplasty procedure for men and women of all types of ethnic backgrounds, including those of Asian descent.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

When you consult with one of our board-certified surgeons, we ensure that all other facial features and medical history is considered. The proportions of your forehead, midface, and lower face are examined, and should roughly be equivalent (the rule of thirds).

The width of your nose should also be roughly the same as the distance between your eyes. If the nose is too wide, it can be reduced. The angle between the lips and the base of the nose is noted.

The relation between your nose and chin is also considered, as many patients who seek rhinoplasty may require chin augmentation to achieve proper facial balance. Taking into consideration your current anatomy and facial structure, your surgeon can assist you in coming up with the desired surgical plan to achieve the result you desire.

Rhinoplasty before and after photo
Rhinoplasty before and after photo
Rhinoplasty before and after photo

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

The rhinoplasty surgery procedure is more than just the common nose job. surgery that changes the shape, size, and proportions of the nose. What is considered ideal is very subjective and varies across various ethnicities and subcultures. Nevertheless, candidates for rhinoplasty surgery typically strive to achieve an appearance that is harmonious and in proportion with other facial features. This commonly includes a nasal bone (dorsum) of appropriate height and a tip that is balanced and more refined. In addition to a desire to change the appearance of the nose, some patients may seek to correct their obstructed airway or improve any breathing problems.

This refers to the bony area of the nose that runs from between the eyes through the tip of the nose. The important feature of all dorsum is the smoothness in its transition. The transition from the forehead to the nose should be smooth and curved. The transition from the dorsum to the tip should also be smooth. Some people may wish for a slightly curved profile from the dorsum to the tip, and others may wish for a straighter profile. With very few exceptions, most men and women desire a smoother, more natural, and not very high bridge and dorsum.

There are many different types of material that can be used to augment the dorsum. Using your own tissue is ideal, but there is often not enough cartilage to augment the dorsum. Many synthetic materials are available at our industry-leading surgical facility. At Wave Plastic Surgery, our trained plastic surgeons prefer to use a smooth silicone implant for this cosmetic surgery. If the overlying skin is too thin, then the implant is covered with Alloderm to provide additional soft tissue coverage and avoid the visibility of the implant.

The columella is a structure that is located from the tip of the nose to the upper lip. The angle created between the columella and the upper lip determines the rotation of the tip. A feminine nose-lip angle is 110 degrees for women and 90 degrees for men. Too much upper rotation will cause more visibility of the nostrils and an unnatural appearing nose.

Some patients may also have either a hanging columella, or retracted columella. Correcting this condition is an important point in the overall aesthetics of the nose.

Some people have a deep groove of the columella/upper lip junction or have a retrusion of the midface. Without doing major craniofacial surgery, this area can be filled with diced cartilages to give more projections.

WAVE is able to achieve these amazing facial rejuvenation results in the Flash Lift by using technologically advanced threads made of polydioxanone (also known as PDO). These threads are expertly placed in the skin which provides a natural-looking, tightening, and lifting effect on the face.

The PDO threads we use are some of the best and most powerful threads available. Because each patient is a little bit different, we are able to select the right combination of threads to give patients the most ideal and customized results. As time passes, the PDO threads will dissolve and stimulate collagen production.

Patients love this procedure because there is virtually no downtime and only requires short check-up visits in the short weeks after surgery. The procedure takes less than an hour, and they can see years of aging vanish from their face.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a nose job.  This type of nose surgery can be performed for cosmetic reasons to change the shape or look of a nose.  Or for medical reasons to improve its function due to birth defects or trauma, like a broken nose.

1 week after the Rhinoplasty procedure, the bruising and swelling will go down.  About a month after the procedure, you should be able to see the full benefits.  You will continue to see improvements for the next six months.

The average cost of rhinoplasty ranges from $3,000 to $11,000. The cost can vary greatly depending on the surgeon, where you are having the surgery performed, and how much of a change you desire.

During Open Rhinoplasty procedures, incisions are made inside of the nose as well as under the nose, between the nostrils. Open Rhinoplasty provides better access and visibility for plastic surgeons and is used for more extensive procedures. Open Rhinoplasty is typically performed when a nose has been damaged by trauma or when a patient has more complicated aesthetic desires.

If you have medically documented breathing issues, your health insurance may cover a portion of the Rhinoplasty procedure. You should always contact your healthcare provider in order to discuss the possibilities of coverage.
Patients are given general anesthesia during a Rhinoplasty procedure. The surgery itself is not painful. However, after the procedure, you may feel some discomfort. Patients usually experience moderate pain during the early stages of recovery.  A surgeon will prescribe pain relief medication for this brief period.

Usually, a Rhinoplasty procedure takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on how much work needs to be done.

Diced Cartilage Fascia (DCF) grafting is a method for augmenting the bridge of the nose during cosmetic nose surgery.  When a person wants to increase the height of the bridge of their nose, this additional tissue can come from several places.  Some clients don’t have enough cartilage in their nose to create one large graft.  So in DCF Rhinoplasty, cartilage is harvested from multiple locations and formed together into one smooth piece by a thin sheet of soft tissue (fascia).

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