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Wave Plastic Surgery

Real People, Real Stories, Real Results

At Wave, we don’t want you to just listen to what our Consultants and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have to say— We also want you to hear it straight from our amazing patients who have shared their stories! Each unique in their own way. Each having their own idea of what beauty means to them.

What will YOUR story be?

Kelly Eden Liposuction Testimonial

Kelly Eden's Testimonial: Liposuction

"I did not think i would feel this good. I feel absolutely amazing!"

Kim Ottone - A Wave patients testimonial image

Kim's Testimonial: Facelift

“The Results were fabulous, at Wave. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

Reviews Featured Patient Review James L 1

James' Testimonial: Upper Eyelid Surgery

"I feel more confident in myself, honestly. I can walk through the streets with my head up."

Double Eyelid Surgery patient testimonial

JJ's Testimonial: Double Eyelid Surgery

"My eyes look lighter. Before it was a lot heavier, and it'd make me look mean; sort of more unapproachable."

Farah M. - A Wave patients testimonial image


"[After Medi-Essence] I Could Actually Fit Into A Size Small or Medium.. For Years I Was Always An Extra Large Or Large"

Brazilian Butt Lift Patient

Cassie's Testimonial: Brazilian Butt Lift

"Already I notice a difference in my behavior and my confidence."

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

Sarah A's Testimonial: Breast Augmentation

"I am extremely happy with the way I look... It's a new way of living."

Lower Blepharoplasty Patient

Samuel's Testimonial: Lower Blepharoplasty

"There's really nothing more that I could really ask for."

Reviews Featured Patient Review Annika

Annika's Testimonial: Radiesse Filler

"It's subtle, I can't see the bump in my nose anymore, it's smoother. And my chin I can tell the definition makes it more proportional."

Botox patient

Allen's Testimonial: Botox

"The Results: Amazing — Oh my god, I can't Believe it!"

Botox patient

Minji's TESTIMONIAL: Botox

"I'm already seeing and feeling the results ... when I'm talking and when I'm laughing."

Voluma patient

Magaly's Testimonial: Voluma

"The nurse that actually did my procedure was very, very gentle. I am extremely happy with my results."

Ultherapy patient

Alysha's Testimonial: Ultherapy

"I would definitely come back here for something else. I've actually already recommended it to a couple people."

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