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Forma utilizes the latest in radiofrequency technology to stimulate the formation of new collagen and skin elasticity to improve wrinkles and skin laxity. The bipolar nature of the radiofrequency current provides a pain-free experience. Forma provides instant improvement that can be utilized one time for a special event or continued use for more sustained results.

Benefits of FORMA

  • FORMA is safe for all skin types
  • Renewed confidence with smoother and tightened skin.
  • Reduces deep wrinkles and improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Almost immediate visible improvement that only gets better with time.
  • Accelerate collagen production.
  • Non-invasive treatments with minimal discomfort.
  • A youthful and more toned skin contour.
  • No downtime.

Who is a candidate for Forma?

Forma is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their skin’s elasticity and tightness anywhere on their body. Forma is suitable for all skin tones and types and can be used on almost any body part to achieve a tighter more contoured effect.


  • Complete medical and physical history
  • Discontinue any irritant topical agents for 2-3 days prior to treatment
  • Ensure face is clean of makeup, creams/lotions
  • Mark treatment area into facial or body zones. Body zones are approximately 15x15cm (6×6”)
  • If patient has a history of Herpes Simplex, patient will be prescribed an antiviral medication to take 5 days before treatment and 5 days after treatment


  • DO NOT cool the area post treatment.
  • Moisturizer and makeup may be applied immediately after each treatment
  • Resume normal skin care routine the following day.
  • 6 sessions are typically recommended and may be scheduled one week apart.
  • Asian skin, male skin, and thicker skin is more fibrotic and may require more sessions
  • After completing 6 sessions, single maintenance sessions may be needed every 1-3 months


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