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AccuTite in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

WAVE has a complete line of radiofrequency skin treatments that patients love. While BodyTite and FaceTite are similar and designed for specific treatment areas, AccuTite was created for increased precision and can be used throughout the body.

What AccuTite Does

The bottom line is that the precision treatment with AccuTite gives patients an alternative to surgery without the downtime, scarring, and stitches.

AccuTite is a very unique, non-surgical treatment that helps patients:

Where to use AccuTite

WAVE’s patients have seen truly amazing results from AccuTite and it can be used throughout the body.

Some of the most popular places to use AccuTite are:

What is an AccuTite treatment like?

The AccuTite experience is fast and easy. The treatment typically takes about 20 minutes, but that could vary depending on how many areas you are receiving treatment.

Like the other RF treatments, the area that will be treated is first numbed with local anesthesia. A cannula is then inserted and the radiofrequency will flow outwards towards an external electrode that sits above the surface of the skin.

AccuTite is very safe and downtime is minimal. Depending on the area(s) treated it is advised that patients just take it easy for a few days after treatment.

Results from AccuTite continue to get better over time as collagen production increases. That said results may need a few months to be fully seen, and those results will continue to get better over time.

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