Lateral Canthoplasty

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What Is Lateral Canthoplasty?

Lateral Canthoplasty is a surgical technique to adjust the shape of the outer corner of the eyes. Some patients have a very round eye-opening or downward turn of the outer eye who want to achieve a more attractive eye shape. This procedure can help increase the size of the eye by changing the outer angle of the eye and lengthening the eye in a horizontal dimension.

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Ideal Candidates for Lateral Canthoplasty

Ideal candidates for lateral Canthoplasty include those who would benefit from adjusting the lower eyelid shape and lateral tilt of the eye to create a more balanced facial appearance. During a scheduled consultation, our WAVE plastic surgeons perform a thorough evaluation and examination of your eyes and determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Lateral Canthoplasty

The Lateral Canthoplasty Procedure

Lateral Canthoplasty can be performed alone, but more commonly in conjunction with other complementary procedures, such as:

The combination helps augment the shape and angle of the eyes to create attractive, inviting eyes.

The duration of the procedure is about one hour and is performed under local anesthesia and light intravenous sedation. A tiny incision is placed at the outer corner of the eye and the lateral canthal tendon is adjusted into a more lifted position. Tiny sutures are placed on the skin to close the incision and are removed in 7-10 days. Most patients recover in about 2 weeks.

Common Questions About Canthoplasty

If this is your first time undergoing surgery, even minimally invasive surgery, you likely have many questions. Here are the most common questions that patients ask.

Lateral canthoplasty is a procedure to create a more attractive eye shape by adjusting the position of the outer corner of the eyelid and lateral tilt.

Lateral Canthoplasty is not a dangerous procedure. Our WAVE plastic surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in performing this procedure to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Canthoplasty is a highly individualized procedure. The cost of surgery will be discussed in detail during a comprehensive consultation with our WAVE plastic surgeons.

A tiny incision is placed at the outer corner of the eye to adjust the lateral canthal tendon to alter the eyelid shape and angle. The skin is meticulously closed with very fine sutures which are removed in about 7 days.

Cat eyelift can help achieve a more attractive, almond-shaped appearance of the eye. Lateral canthoplasty is performed to lengthen the eye-opening and adjust the lateral canthal tendon to lift the outer corner of the eye to create a more “cat-eye” shape.

The results of Lateral Canthoplasty are long-lasting. Although the effects of aging can contribute to subtle changes to your results, patients typically can expect results to last 7-10 years or longer.

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Specializing in Upper Eyelid Surgery, Dr. Wong has a deep understanding of the unique anatomy of the eyelid which is critical in performing this highly technical and intricate surgery. She is experienced in approaching various specific eyelid characteristics for different ethnicities, especially Asian cultures.

She uses precise microplastic surgical techniques to enhance the natural shape and inherent beauty of your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.