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Cheek Reduction

At Wave Plastic Surgery

Cheek Reduction in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Cheek procedures are among some of the less known facial plastic surgeries out there. However, reshaping the cheek (or malar) region can go a long way in rejuvenating a person’s appearance or achieving their goal look. Some people may be uncomfortable with their prominent or wide cheekbones. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Los Angeles can help you achieve the look that they want.


While well-defined, prominent cheekbones are considered aesthetically pleasing, some people, especially those with East Asian backgrounds, are prone to have excessively prominent cheekbones that do not look proportional or balanced with the rest of their facial features.

Through cheek reduction surgery, patients can expect to enjoy an enhanced appearance, more defined features and more defined cheeks, as well as a more narrow face shape.

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Cheekbone or malar reduction is a procedure used to reshape overly prominent cheekbones. Because the cheekbone is a complex, three dimensional structure, surgical planning involves an in depth consultation, and photographs, x-rays, CT scanning and occasionally 3-dimensional modeling are used to assist operative planning. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia to protect the area. The cheekbone complex is approached through multiple, hidden incisions in the mouth and temporal region.

Once exposed, the cheekbone is cut to allow reshaping. The new position is maintained with titanium plates. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. After a brief stay in the recovery room, patients are discharged home. Swelling can be substantial at first but dissipates by two weeks, after which most patients can return to work. The final result will be apparent several months after surgery after all the swelling has resolved.

During the Malar Reduction surgery, the patient is administered local anesthesia, the surgeon makes incisions, harvests the fat through liposuction or other means, then closes the incisions. This surgery can be as short as an hour.

Our Malar Reduction Specialist

Plastic Surgeon Peter Lee

Peter Lee

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Peter is CEO and Chief Surgeon of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center with over 20 years of plastic surgery experience, overlooking 30K+ successful plastic surgery cases. He has mentored master surgeons around the world in state-of-the-art techniques, and has been inducted into the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame.

His many accolades and shining results are evidence of Peter’s expertise.

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