Fraud Warning

Important message from Wave Plastic Surgery:

We have become aware that several people have received fraudulent approaches from scammers claiming to be shareholders, owners or affiliated with Wave Plastic Surgery in some way on their social media profile. To be very transparent, we would never solicit personal billing information through social media. We are working very closely with law enforcement, investigating each case as this is very important us and everyone involved. 

As a reminder, Wave Plastic Surgery is a medical facility founded and owned by Dr. Peter Lee, who is also the CEO and Chief Surgeon. We do not have shareholders, third parties, or co-owners in any sort of way associated with Wave Plastic Surgery currently.

We truly care about everyone’s safety and security. This is a very serious matter that we don’t take lightly and are closely monitoring all communication channels. Please do not give out any personal information to anyone claiming they are a business of some sort without contacting the actual business first.

If you believe you have been a victim of scams or frauds, please report the account to or”