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Being stuck with excess, sagging skin can get in the way of living a happy and comfortable life – especially here in Southern California, where the beach is just a short trip away and all you want to do is throw on your bathing suit or a pair of shorts and enjoy the sun. It can be extremely frustrating to lose all of the excess fat only to be left facing a problem with hanging skin afterwards. However, if you find yourself in this situation, a body lift with one of our Los Angeles plastic surgeons can provide you with the slim and toned body you’ve been working toward all along.

How Does A Body Lift Work?

If you’re one of the many men and women struggling with skin left over after massive weight loss, you’ve probably tried crazy amounts of diet and exercise to tighten your skin. The reason your skin hasn’t improved is because it has already lost its elasticity. While it is important to eat right and remain active in order to maintain a healthy figure, diet and exercise will not help your skin go back to normal.

A body lift works to remove the excess skin around your body in order to provide your body with a taut look and smooth contours. During your consultation, we will analyze your body’s condition to determine a proper treatment plan for you. Those suffering from small amounts of fat may need to supplement their body lift with liposuction because a body lift is only designed to address excess skin and tissue. A circumferential band of excess skin will normally be removed in order to reduce any sagging or hanging skin.

Areas that can be improved with a body lift include:

How Long Will it Take to Recover from a Body Lift?

The body lift is a fairly invasive procedure, so it will take about 2-3 weeks for you to return to light work and activity. If your job requires more physical activity, you should wait about 4-6 weeks before returning in order to avoid any unnecessary complications or discomfort. Your body will experience some bruising and swelling initially after surgery. As your body heals, your shape will continue to improve and your scars will slowly begin to fade. Within a couple months, your body will look completely new, with the excess skin nowhere in sight and a smooth, beautiful figure in its place.

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This exciting and innovative, non-surgical treatment uses the power of radiofrequency energy to deliver some amazing results.

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