Fractora in LA, SF and Orange County

Fractora (also known as FraxRF at WAVE) our newest targeted bipolar radiofrequency energy
delivery system that targets the dermis to treat fine wrinkles, acne scars, and small contour
defects. Along with the increase in collagen production comes a more natural but at the same
time noticeable improvement in your overall look. FraxRF provides a non-ablative way to
resurface without the same downtime, discomfort, redness, and weeping associated with
traditional CO2 lasers. The radiofrequency can be delivered in different depths to provide a
customized treatment for your skin type and condition.

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Benefits of Fractora

  • Fractora is suitable for all skin types
  • It is safe for all skin tones including ethnic skin without the risk of hyperpigmentation.
  • Fractora can be tailored to each individual needs.
  • Evens out skin tone and pigmentation.
  • WAVE’s clinician can tailor the depth, energy level, and density for each individual to obtain the results that previously could only be achieved through surgery.
  • The simultaneous combination of the fractured resurfacing plus the deep dermal heating provides better results than traditional laser resurfacing.
  • Feel younger with smoother firmer skin.
  • Little downtime with Fractora.

Candidate of Fractora

The ideal candidates for Fractora are men or women who are generally in good health who are
suffering from wrinkles around their eyes and mouth, vertical or horizontal lines on their neck,
sagging skin around their jawline, acne scars, vascular lesions, skin irregularities, and loose lax
skin anywhere on the body.


  • Discontinue skin products that may cause irritation (retinol, HQ) 2-3 days prior to treatment.
  • Avoid the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS, e.g., ibuprofen containing agents) one week before and after each treatment session.
  • Ensure skin is clean of make-up.
  • Clean treatment area with alcohol to ensure skin is clean and dry to facilitate ablation.
  • If patient has a history of Herpes Simplex, patient will be prescribed antiviral medication.
  • Method of Anesthesia:
  • Topical numbing cream 40min prior to treatment.
  • Demerol and Versed may be given if needed, driver must be present.


  • Cooling the skin can reduce discomfort.
  • Keep skin clean.
  • Moderate to severe redness is expected and will subside over time.
  • Pinpoint bleeding may occur.
  • Apply sunscreen daily.
  • Make-up may be applied 2-3 days after treatment (as soon as ablative craters close)
  • Begin Post Recovery skin care kit for 3-5 days. Then resume to normal skin care as recommended.
  • Bleaching regimen (HQ) may be prescribed for 6-12 weeks, 2-3 times a week following the healing of treatment area (typically, 7 days) to minimize risk of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. It should be stopped 48-72 hrs before another FRACTORA session.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for 24-48hrs.

Get Fractora

Curious if Fractora is the right treatment for you? Fractora is a wonderful solution.

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