Jaw Reduction in LA, SF and Orange County

Your jaw shapes the rest of your face, providing a frame for the rest of your features. If you are uncomfortable with its appearance because it is too large or protrudes differently, you can achieve the look that you want with jaw reduction surgery.

A jaw, or mandible, reduction is used to narrow the lower third of the face—particularly the contribution from the mandible and its muscular attachments. There are several techniques that our Los Angeles plastic surgeons may use for your treatment—including surgical and non-surgical methods.

How does Jaw Reduction Surgery work?

The size of the jawbone is what determines the width of the lower face. If the bone is thick and wide or the muscle is thick and bulky, it will result in a widened face.

To reduce the size of the jaw line, the bone is carefully filed down and a portion of the muscle is removed. The muscle will still function properly, but the fullness will be decreased. This will create a more oval-shaped jaw line with a softer and smoother angle.

Jaw Reduction Before And After Photograph
Jaw Reduction Before And After Photograph
Jaw Reduction Before And After Photograph
Before & After images of Jaw Surgery

Surgical Jaw Reduction

Surgical techniques are used to directly reduce the size of an enlarged mandible. Your incision can be made on the inside or outside of the mouth, though the internal incision is the most common because it leaves no visible scar. A burr is used to remove the outer layer of the enlarged mandible, narrowing the jaw.

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Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

Non-surgical techniques are essentially limited to cases in which the masseter is enlarged. A convenient method to treat an enlarged muscle is through the use of Botox injections.

Botox is injected into the enlarged muscle, weakening it so it slowly becomes smaller through atrophy over the course of several months. There is no downtime with this non-surgical approach and improvement is gradual—nobody will notice that you have had Botox treatments performed.


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