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Fix droopy eyelids without surgery
Eyelid Procedures

How to Fix Droopy Eyelids Without Surgery

Isn’t skin the most fantastic organ? It serves so many purposes, not the least of which is protection. The same goes for our eyelids.  They protect our precious eyeballs from foreign debris and dryness. Even when we’re sleeping, our eyelids are working to keep our eyes hydrated and free from

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Eyelid Procedures

How To Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

It’s an uncomfortable truth that our physical looks do matter in some ways. If we aren’t confident in our appearance, both our personal and professional lives can be affected. (In fact, even today’s business leaders recognize the value of self-confidence in our career growth.) So, if you’re interested in how

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What is Epicanthoplasty
Eyelid Procedures

What is Epicanthoplasty?

Epicanthoplasty, also known as lateral or medicinal epicanthoplasty, is a type of eye surgery that lengthens the inner parts of your eye in order to make your eyes bigger.

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Eyelid Procedures

What is a Double Eyelid?

Do you know what type of eyelid you have? There are two different types of eyelids; the mono eyelid and the double eyelid. Mono eyelids (also known as monolids) are most common on people with Asian heritage, while most other heritages have double eyelids – and both are beautiful! But,

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