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Total Body Remodeling

At Wave Plastic Surgery

Evolve in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Completely remodel your body with simultaneous treatments across areas of concern without going under the knife. Evolve by Inmode has combined multiple technologies into one device, allowing us to tighten skin, strengthen and tone muscles, and melt subdermal fat across the body simultaneously. It’s the only FDA-approved non-surgical hands-free device to do this all on one device.

An Alternative to Surgical Procedures

Evolve Treatment is non-invasive that can address specific needs to each patient. It’s pain free and you can even read or browse your phone during treatment sessions.

How Does Evolve Work?

InMode’s Evolve technology utilizes bipolar technologies: RF energy and electromagnetic pulses. The Evolve treatment station deploys three proprietary devices TITE, TRIM and TONE which allows us to customize treatment to varying body types.
evolve tite skin remodeling
Image source: InMode

Evolve TITE: Skin Remodeling

Utilizing the power of RF energy, Evolve Tite can restore skin to look more youthful by delivering uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and sub-dermal layer. 

Evolve TRIM body and cellulite treatment
Image source: InMode

Evolve TRIM: Body & Cellulite Treatment

Evolve TRIM uses the power of RF energy combined with a vacuum to target the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat across multiple parts of the body.

Evolve TONE muscle toning treatment
Image source: InMode

Evolve TONE: Muscle Toning

Evolve TONE utilizes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscle contraction across specific muscle groups across the body.

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