ALS at Wave Plastic Surgery

ALS is a noninvasive alternative to liposuction for small to medium size pockets of subcutaneous fat. It is Wave’s proprietary solution of medications designed to cause gradual disintegration of the cellular membranes of fat cells, thereby causing them to release the fatty acids they contain into the bloodstream. Over time, the remnants of the dying fat cells are then digested by the macrophages of the immune system and carried away from the target area of treatment.

The treatment is performed using a long thin needle or to deliver the medication underneath the skin directly into the fat pocket. The ALS solution itself contains local anesthesia, and the short procedure is generally very well tolerated by patients. Following the procedure, there can be a small amount of residual swelling and moderate inflammation for one to two days. The number of sessions required depends on the size of the pocket of fat being treated. The sessions are usually separated by one to two weeks and there is no downtime or recovery time associated with the procedure.

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Curious if ALS is the right treatment for you? ALS is a wonderful solution.

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