The signs of aging happen to everyone, and the face is often one of the first places to show this… Looking younger is easier than you might think, thanks to an innovative procedure called the Flash Lift.

Exclusively available at WAVE Plastic Surgery, the Flash Lift allows patients to receive all the benefits of a facelift without the surgery.

Unlike a facelift, the Flash Lift offers the following:

While the Flash Lift delivers impressive results, it isn’t the right solution for everyone. Ideal candidates for Flash Lift are generally younger and don’t have serious signs of aging like deep lines or folds. Patients with greater signs of aging are usually better suited with a more traditional facelift.

However, patients that have only lighter signs of aging and are looking for an effective solution to look younger, Flash Lift is a wise choice. We understand how busy life can be and the Flash Lift is a fast procedure (about 30 minutes) that has virtually no downtime. This means you’ll look great without all the recovery time typically found with surgery.

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WAVE is able to achieve these amazing facial rejuvenation results in the Flash Lift by using technologically advanced threads made of polydioxanone (also known as PDO). These threads are expertly placed in the skin which provides a natural-looking, tightening and lifting effect on the face.

The PDO threads we use are some of the best and most powerful threads available. Because each patient is a little bit different, we are able to select the right combination of threads to give patients the most ideal and customized results. As time passes, the PDO threads will dissolve and stimulate collagen production.

Patients love this procedure because there is virtually no downtime, it takes less than an hour, and they can see years of aging vanish from their face.

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Flash Lift Pre-Treatment:

Flash Lift Post-Treatment:

Our Flash Lift Specialist

Plastic Surgeon Denise -Wong

Denise Wong

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Wong has a special interest in non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures and is especially trained in thread lifting. Dr. Wong is committed to providing patients with the most advanced treatments available to ensure a desired aesthetic outcome.

She has been an invited speaker to international lectures, authored several publications, and actively teaches at the University of California, San Francisco. Her sincere passion in teaching translates to educating her patients, ultimately lending to quality patient care and results.

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