The area between your lower eyelids and your mouth is considered your mid-face. As you age, the effects of gravity, repeated muscle contraction, and lifestyle cause the skin, fat, and muscle to move downward. When this occurs, the cheeks begin to look saggy or flat, the lower eyelids become puffy or hollow, and circles begin to appear under the eyes. The lines between the nose and the corners of the mouth also deepen.

How Does Mid Face Lift Work?

A mid facelift (also called a cheek lift) restores the natural curves and fullness of the cheeks by moving the underlying soft tissue back to its normal, more youthful position. This is achieved by elevating the soft mid-face tissue from the bone, repositioning it upward towards the eyes, and fixating it in place until it adheres naturally to the bone.

This is achieved by using the Endotine mid-face device. This restores cheek volume and establishes younger looking mid-face contours. The result will be a natural, revitalized appearance that doesn’t look overdone or too pulled.

When performed skillfully, a cheek lift will deliver a natural, but noticeable more youthful improvement. A mid facelift is often performed with other surgeries, such as a lower facelift, eyelid surgery, or a brow lift. However, for many younger patients under 45 years old, mid-face suspension can be a standalone procedure.

During a mid-face suspension procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will carefully make small incisions in the area above the ear or the lower eyelid, and in some cases, through the underside of the upper lip. A small endoscope and other specially designed surgical instruments are introduced through the incisions to lift the delicate mid-face tissues off the cheekbones. Once lifted, these tissues are repositioned upward (toward the eye) and to the side (toward the ear).

Mid-face suspension surgery is often performed under IV sedation. Patients typically return home on the same day. Surgical dressings, if used, are removed soon after surgery, and any tissue swelling related to the procedure gradually diminishes.

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