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When I was introduced to Dr. Lee at the Wave, I was a little unsure if having the procedure recommended would be possible. I decided that anything would be better than my appearance at that time. Any cost was worth looking younger again. The day of surgery was very easy, I went to the Wave Center on Wilshire Blvd. and was met by the wonderful staff of nurses and doctors. I was in the OR and gently put under asleep and woke up feeling no pain. During my recuperation, I was not in pain or had any bad experience with healing process. If I had to do this again, I would not hesitate. The best part of it is seeing people from my past that tell me I look twenty years younger. Dr. Lee is a great blessing.


I came to Wave because my sister did double eyelid surgery here. I was well greated by staffs and was consulted with a informative consultant and promised to meet with the doctor before the surgery. Because I had a picture of how I want my nose to look like, I had to adjust it out with how they think it would look naturally on me.

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