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Dr. Lee’s Asia Tour 2016

Last month, Dr. Lee spent several weeks in Asia teaching and performing surgeries at some of the top hospitals in South Korea and China.

Dr. Lee spent part of his time at Wonjin and Banobagi, two of the biggest and most well-known aesthetic hospitals in South Korea. The hospitals have over 50 and 30 plastic surgeons respectively, each with their own specialty divisions. Dr. Lee has been going to Korea regularly over the last 8 years to exchange ideas and knowledge with these hospitals, for this reason, Wave Plastic Surgery Center is well-known by most plastic surgeons in South Korea. They recognize Wave as one of the premier clinics in the US for anti-aging surgeries. During this past visit, Dr. Lee hosted a didactic seminar attended by all the clinical staff from each hospital, followed by a live surgery demonstration.

In return, the surgeons from both hospitals demonstrated to Dr. Lee their newest techniques and trends within the realm of Asian aesthetic treatments. This exchange of ideas and knowledge has helped all of the participating hospitals to maintain their lead standing with respect to the latest technology, skills, and trends.

Dr. Lee has performed these types of exchanges almost every year since 2007 at Seoul National University, ID Clinic, BCI Clinic, BK Clinic, Grand Clinic, and many more well respected institutions. He has also presented at the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery meetings as well as their aesthetic meetings attended by industry leaders.

In China, Dr. Lee gave talks at various Plastic Surgery Hospitals, of which included Hamilton, SAY, Misho, and Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital. He performed live demos at these hospitals in order to teach these doctors in China his techniques. Dr. Lee also found some time to operate on his own private patients who were unable to travel overseas to Wave in Los Angeles.

Though his tour through Asia was tiring, it was extremely fruitful. Dr. Lee continues to build upon his relationships with industry professionals in South Korea and China, learning new techniques, and helping others improve upon their skills.

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Ben Lee

Dr. Lee received his bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology with highest honors from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He went on to earn his M.D. with highest honors from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, followed by his MBA from the University of Colorado Denver. He completed his surgical internship at the University of California at San Francisco. Going on to train in otolaryngology/head & neck surgery at Duke University Medical Center, working closely with the plastic surgeons during his head and neck residency inspired him to continue training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. After this specialized training, Dr. Lee went on to become Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.

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