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Finding the Best Facelift Surgeon in Los Angeles

Over 120,000 individuals choose to undergo cosmetic facelifts each year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Facelifts help restore facial contour, take years off of a person’s appearance, and complement other cosmetic procedures people may consider nicely. 

Undergoing a facelift can be a big decision and one that people who are considering it need to think about carefully. When considering undergoing a facelift, one essential decision an individual must make is choosing a facelift surgeon. After all, this is the professional in whose hands the individual will be placing their appearance and safety.

What Is a Facelift? 

Facelifts are a type of surgical procedure that enhances the appearance of a person’s face by tightening the skin and underlying tissue. Facial plastic surgeons combine facelifts with other techniques, such as eyelid or brow lift surgery, for natural-looking results.

The best facelift candidates are those with excess skin on their faces and neck. However, they should still have a certain amount of skin elasticity. This means their skin can bounce back after the surgeon pulls it tight during their procedure. 

Individuals who have lost substantial weight or have fragile skin may not be the best candidates for this procedure. This is why finding the best facelift surgeon in Los Angeles is essential. This way, the individual can ask questions and determine if they’re an appropriate candidate.

Tips on Choosing the Best Facelift Surgeon in Los Angeles 

There are specific criteria to look for when choosing a facelift surgeon, including:

1. Check their Expertise 

Before scheduling a consultation, people considering a facelift should look at the surgeon’s before-and-after photo galleries. This will give them a sense of the surgeon’s experience with performing facelifts. It will also help the person determine the surgeon’s “style.” 

Facelifts aren’t just about technical skill; they’re also about artistry. Therefore, anyone considering a facelift must choose the best facelift surgeon to achieve the look they desire. 

2. Ensure they’re Board Certified 

Individuals considering a facelift procedure should first ensure the Los Angeles facelift surgeon is board-certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Being board-certified ensures the surgeon has completed the necessary education and training to perform facelift surgeries successfully. Board certification also shows the facelift surgeon is up-to-date on the latest standards and techniques.

3. Check their Safety Record 

When thinking about any surgical technique, individuals should make their safety their top priority. They should question the facelift surgeon about how they handle surgical complications and inquire about their protocols for infection control. They must also ask if the surgeon has American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) accreditation to ensure their facility complies with the national standards.

4. Interview and Ask Questions 

When the person arrives for their consultation with the facelift surgeon, they should take notes (written or mental) about the office. They should ask specific questions and document the answers the surgeon provides. 

Some questions may include:

  • What is the Los Angeles facelift surgeon’s experience with the facelift procedure?
  • Does the facelift surgeon specialize in facial plastic surgery?
  • Will the surgeon provide before-and-after photos?
  • How many times has the surgeon performed this particular procedure?
  • Is this procedure suitable for the patient?
  • Who will provide the anesthesia?
  • Where does the procedure take place? Will it be performed in an accredited facility?

The individual should also note how friendly the personnel is, how clean the office is, and if the environment makes them feel comfortable.

5. Check Former Patient Satisfaction 

People should look at the Los Angeles facelift surgeon’s before-and-after photos to provide a sense of the aesthetic outcome. They should also ask for references and testimonials from past patients. Testimonials can be beneficial to people considering cosmetic surgery to combat facial aging.   

6. Inquire About the Surgery Facility 

A person’s safety during a facelift procedure will depend mainly on the operating facility and the anesthetist. It’s always a good idea to look into accredited surgery facilities with essential life support systems.

A couple of things individuals can inquire about include:

  • Ask the facelift surgeon where they perform the procedure and check the facility’s accreditation level. Check for AAAHC, AAAASF, IMQ, and JCAHO surgery facility certification or a different state medical board-approved accrediting body where the surgeon operates.
  • Inquire about the qualifications of the anesthetist. For safety, the individual should look for either a Board Certified Anesthesiologist or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to administer their anesthesia.

7. Take Note of How the Facelift Surgeon and Personnel Make their Patients Feel 

Facelift surgery is serious, and there can be curves in an individual’s path to their new appearance. They must feel completely comfortable with both their facelift surgeon and the surgeon’s support team. Individuals should choose a plastic surgeon they can trust with not just the results of the procedure but also with their safety. 

They should ask themselves:

  • If they like spending time with the facelift surgeon
  • If they trust the surgeon to make recommendations that are right and safe for them
  • If they feel comfortable asking the surgeon questions throughout their facelift process
  • If they feel comfortable providing the surgeon with their habits and complete medical history

They should meet any potential facelift surgeon in person and have a thorough consultation about their expectations and goals. During this consultation, they should assess how the surgeon and the rest of the staff make them feel. Both should be attentive, professional, knowledgable, compassionate, and pleasant. 

The individual should feel confident and comfortable when they leave their appointment. They need to trust their gut.

Best Facelift Surgeon in Los Angeles 

A facelift procedure performed by a certified plastic surgeon can help reverse the signs of aging. Patients can achieve a youthful, natural-looking appearance with this procedure. At WAVE Plastic surgery, individuals looking for the best facelift procedure can expect to meet only well-qualified surgeons. Our surgeons can perform numerous surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures.

At Wave Plastic Surgery, our experienced plastic surgeons can help patients achieve the youthful look they desire. If you’re looking for the best facelift surgeon in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Orange County, WAVE Plastic Surgery is for you. 

 Contact us at WAVE Plastic Surgery today to set up your consultation.

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