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Longer Lasting Results With Bellafill

If you’re an injectable filler veteran, you’re familiar with the upkeep that is required for various types of fillers. Although time consuming, the trips to Wave are well worth it once you leave the office looking refreshed and years younger after treatment. For some of us with limited time for office visits, Wave offers one particular filler that could save you a few trips over the course of several years.

Bellafill is the only FDA approved injectable filler for the treatment of smile lines with results that last up to 5 years, and treatment for acne scars that last up to 1 year. Bellafill is a great option for patients looking to fill areas of the face that are suitable for the denser composition of this filler.

So what gives Bellafill it’s longer lasting results over other fillers on the market?

Bellafill is composed of a unique formula of collagen gel and microspheres. The collagen gel adds volume instantly while the microspheres create a structure that allows the product to deliver long lasting results. Over time, your body will use the microspheres from the Bellafill to create a scaffold-like foundation upon which collagen can develop. Collagen development is important because it is the main structural protein that gives skin it’s firm, youthful texture. As we age, we start to lose more and more collagen causing wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging in the skin.

bellafil before and after photo

bellafil before and after photo

At Wave, we inject Bellafill to lessen the appearance of deep smile lines, add volume to a flat forehead creating a more aesthetically pleasing rounded curve shape, fill in hollow temples, lift cheeks, as well as correct acne scars. Yes, you read correctly, there’s an FDA approved treatment for acne scars that allows you to see improvements instantly!

bellafil before and after photo

Bellafill injected to the forehead 3 weeks post treatment

Bellafill is injected into pitted acne scars filling in the scar and bringing it to the level of the surrounding skin. Patients who suffered from acne prone skin are often left with indented scars caused by inflammation. Inflammation hinders the healing process and reduces the amount of collagen production resulting in uneven and pitted skin. It may take several treatments with Bellafill for full correction of acne scars, but results are proven to continue through 12 months!

bellafil before and after photo bellafil before and after photo

When planning your first Bellafill treatment, please note that all patients must do a skin test prior to treatment to identify any allergies to its ingredients. After your test comes back clear, you will then be scheduled to come back for treatment.

If you have questions about Bellafill, please call 213.383.4800 to schedule a free consultation/evaluation.

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