Real Or Fake? Do You Know What’s Being Injected Into Your Face?

Beware Of Fake Products

Botox for $2 per unit? Restylane for $200 per syringe? Sure Groupons and sales are great for the bank account but be warned, the deal may seem sweet but the consequences of getting injected improperly or with fake product will be costly.

Read about how a 45-year-old woman was permanently disfigured and left temporarily blind after receiving bad filler product from a non-Board Certified doctor. NewBeauty: How the Wrong Kind of Filler Left This Woman Completely Disfigured. 

Source: NewBeauty

You may have seen some crazy deals for injectables that seem too good to be true, trust your instinct and ask questions. Do your research and ask the practice what percentage of their product is actually diluted product? You may be getting charged for 40 units of Botox and only receiving 20 Botox units total after dilution! Another thing to ask your plastic surgeon: How many ml’s of product does their “full size” syringe hold? There have been many cases of practices advertising 1 syringe for a steal but in actuality what you’re receiving is half the amount of the regulated syringe direct from the manufacturer. These practices repackage the manufacturers product into their own half size syringes and advertise them as “full size” syringes to unsuspecting consumers.

Juvederm Boxes photo

So how do you spot the difference?

Any reputable practice should be willing to open the box of product in front of you and prepare the syringe, if not, ask them to do so – this is for your own safety! Study our photos of the official product boxes that all of our injectables arrive in straight from the manufacturer. Take note of the various vial and syringe sizes so that you know what to look for. If the nurse/doctor refuses to show you the box that your product came in, we would raise a red flag and question the authenticity of the product.

Botox Boxes Diagram photo

Don’t risk getting a non-FDA approved product injected into your face that could cause you harm, result in horrible results, or the best worst-case scenario – the product is so diluted that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do or last as long as it’s supposed to.

Restalyne Boxes photo

At Wave, we purchase all of our injectables direct from the manufacturer: Allergan, Galderma, Merz, and Suneva. Patients have the option to be injected by our qualified nurses or by one of our doctors. Our Board Certified doctors are part of the ExpertInjectors™ network; there are more than 1.2 million doctors who are legally qualified to administer injectables in the United States but only less than 3 percent are qualified to be ExpertInjectors™.

Merz Aesthetic Boxes photo

Juvederm Boxes photo Botox Boxes Diagram photo

If you’re considering injectable wrinkle treatments or facial fillers, please give us a call to setup a free consultation today 888-674-3001. Wave guarantees the real authentic product administered by highly skilled practitioners.

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