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NEOSTRATA Everyone’s skin is unique

The success of your skincare routine begins with your skin type. Neostrata have created collections based on scientific research, all of which aim to achieve healthy-looking skin at every life stage.


  • Appropriate For: All skin types.
  • Purpose: Helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration targeting a more even tone.
  • Results: Visible improvement in overall discoloration and smoother visible lines in the eye area.
  • Appropriate For: Sensitive Skin.
  • Purpose: To visibly correct signs of aging skin including enhanced radiance, intense moisturation and overall clarity.
  • Results: Enhances surface texture leaving skin feeling refreshed.
  • Appropriate For: All skin types.
  • Purpose: Smoother and more evenly toned with a firmer, more lifted appearance.
  • Results: Skin appears volumized.

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Our Most Popular Products

With CoolSculpting in Los Angeles, you can dramatically reduce the appearance of midsection bulges, without treatment.

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These treatments harness the power of radio frequency technology to melt fat, tighten the skin, and stimulate collagen production.

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Skincare Products

With our Non-Surgical Skincare Products, you can enhance your inner beauty. We carry Valmont, SkinMedica, Latisse, Cellscomet and many more.


While there are a number of facials out there, none of them even come close to a HydraFacial. Patients describe their HydraFacial experience as transformative, relaxing, and soothing. Honestly, once you’ve tried HydraFacial, it will be tough to go back to traditional facials.

Combining the power of radio frequency energy and microneedling, Morphues8 is able to deliver impressive results without the scars, downtime, and incisions typically found with surgery. The microneedling promotes collagen production by creating tiny punctures in the skin. This turns on the healing response from your body ramping up collagen production.