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Calf Reduction

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Calf Reduction in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Sexy, feminine legs are on just about every woman’s checklist. However, excess fat on the calves can get in the way of your ideal silhouette, and may result in the appearance of cankles. Those who have bulky or muscular calves may also feel shy about the masculine appearance of their legs. Being a bit shorter can also factor in making your calves appear thicker.

If you feel awkward or uncomfortable in certain types of clothing because of thick calves, a calf reduction in Los Angeles can give you the smooth, sleek looking legs that you will love showing off in a skirt, bikini, or pair of shorts.

How Does Calf Reduction Work?

Depending on what is causing the thickness in your calves, your calf reduction procedure will be designed for your specific needs. We will discuss your options during your consultation and explain the procedure steps in detail. One of our doctors will listen to your expectations in order to best achieve your desired results.

There are both surgical and non-surgical methods for reducing the size of your calves. For shrinking the size of the calf muscle, we can use Botox alone to tame and reduce the size of the muscle over time by inducing muscle atrophy. Combining a Botox injection with Radio Frequency can help to improve your results.

If your thick calves are the result of excess fat, we can perform liposuction in order to trim them down to your goal size. Excision techniques may also be needed for the removal of excess tissue.

How Long Will it Take to Recover from a Calf Reduction?

If your calf reduction was performed using only Botox injections, there will be little to no recovery time necessary. You can go back to your everyday life right away – you can even go out for a run if you so choose. Your results will appear gradually over time with full results after about three months. You may return for additional injections in order to maintain long-lasting results.

If liposuction was used to remove fat from around your calves, you will need to spend about a week recovering and will be given elastic stockings to help your legs heal properly. It will take about a month for you to notice the final results of your procedure, but you will be able to maintain long-lasting results through proper diet and exercise habits.

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