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Thigh Lifts in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco

Having excess, sagging skin around your thighs can lead to both physical and emotional discomfort. Many patients who are stuck with hanging skin after massive weight loss suffer from low self-esteem and will often experience difficulty walking or finding clothes that fit properly. This can turn you off to taking trips to the beach or wearing the clothes that you want to. If you’re looking to finally tone and tighten the look of your thighs after feeling stuck with the skin left over after massive weight loss, a thigh lift with one of our Los Angeles plastic surgeons can help.

How Does a Thigh Lift Work?

The thigh lift is a body contouring procedure designed for tightening and removing excess skin, not decreasing excess fat. Most thigh lift patients are those who have already lost the excess fat but now suffer from the after-effects of the hanging skin. While liposuction can be combined with a thigh lift, it is recommended that you are already at a stable weight before undergoing thigh lift surgery.

To begin your procedure, we will make an incision along the inner thigh in order to reduce scar visibility. From there, we are able to reshape the leg’s underlying structure to form a strong base for the skin to wrap around. Any stubborn fat can also be removed with liposuction if necessary. The skin is then pulled tight to achieve a taut and natural look with any excess removed before closing the incision.

A thigh lift can be performed in conjunction with any other body contouring procedure for an overall improvement of your body’s shape and contour. Because the thighs are normally not the only area affected after massive weight loss, you may choose to undergo additional procedures such as a tummy tuck or arm lift.

You should be ready to take a couple of weeks off from work after your thigh lift. Your body will feel sore for some time, and it will take a while before you feel completely comfortable moving around. There will be some swelling and bruising immediately after your surgery, but your thighs will appear significantly more toned and well contoured. As your body continues to heal, your results will only continue to get better.

Men and women who have undergone a thigh lift with us at Wave Plastic Surgery often feel more confident showing off their legs in public and cannot wait to restock their closets with new shorts, skirts, and bathing suits or swim trunks.

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