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Upper Blepharoplasty Aftercare – How To Take Care of Your Eyes Post-Op!

Jinny Breaks It Down For You

Whether you’ve recently had the surgery or have been thinking about what the aftercare of an Upper Bleph might be like— you need to watch this video! Our Wave Consultant, Jinny sits down to give you 6 Simple Tips on how to obtain the best healing results from your Asian Eyelid Surgery (post-operation)!

1. Use Ice Packs Provided By WAVE

They’re specially designed to fit across your eyes. You should be applying them 20 minutes minimum, every hour for 1 week after your surgery.

2. Rest & Watch Your Food Intake

The less you limit your activity, the better. This can really help promote the best results. So rest as much as you can! Also, limit your salt and spicy food intake!

3. Limit Your TV, Computer & Devices

The less you strain your eyes, the better for your overall healing and swelling.

4. Don’t Wear Contacts For 1 Week

If you want to promote healing for your eyes, it’s best not to touch them at all while they’re healing– that includes putting on contact lenses! It’s best to wait 1 week after your surgery before using them again.

5. No Makeup For 2 Weeks / No Eyeshadow For 1 Month!

Waiting up to 2 weeks would be best to start using eyeliner. This can help camouflage the swelling that you’ll have. However— it’s really important that you wait 1 month to apply eyeshadow. You do not want small particles trapped in your incision sites!

6. Use Scar Gel Provided By Wave After 2 Week Mark

Here at Wave, we provide medical-grade silicone scar gel. You can choose between top-of-the-line brands such as Silagen or SkinMedica. After 2 weeks, it’s important to apply this twice a day, morning and night!

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