Botox Face Chart: An Expert’s Guide for Common Botox Injection Sites to Treat Wrinkles

Each year, 11 million people worldwide turn to Botox injections to help them get a smoother, more youthful appearance. Botox injections are minimally invasive procedures that can target many areas of the face, but one of the most common questions is where to get Botox. Learn more about what Botox is, what it can do, and how the Botox face chart can help understand where this common treatment is injected. 

What Is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable made from botulinum toxin that temporarily interrupts the signals your brain sends to the targeted muscles, telling them to contract. Botox injections are best suited for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles.

To stay looking smooth and youthful, your skin requires elastin and collagen, two proteins your body naturally produces. In your youth, your body makes a substantial amount of these proteins, helping to keep your skin firm and hydrated. 

However, once you pass your mid-20s, these proteins’ production slows down. Your skin can no longer bounce back into place after you move it when smiling or frowning, creating dynamic fine lines and wrinkles. 

Because Botox injections help your muscles to be softer, they can also prevent new wrinkles from forming.

You can target many Botox injection sites to get a more youthful appearance. When you come to a consultation, we will assess your face to help you find the options that best suit your needs. 

The injection process is fast, taking just a few minutes, which makes Botox injections a procedure many people get during their lunch break. There is no downtime; you can start seeing results within a few days. 

10 Botox Injection Sites on the Face

When you come to our clinic, we will have a Botox face chart to show you where to get Botox on the face to get the desired results. 

1. Around the Eyes

Crow’s feet are one of the first wrinkles people notice. These dynamic wrinkles can form when you squint or smile. The skin in this area of your face is much thinner than others, so wrinkles can start appearing even if you’re still in your 20s. 

The crow’s feet around the eyes are among the most common Botox areas. The number of units you will need can range from 5 to 15 per side. The effects of these injections can last between three and four months. 

2. Forehead

Where can you get Botox on your face? The most popular option is the forehead. Horizontal lines across your forehead come from smiling, frowning, and many other expressions, but Botox injections can help. 

In this area, most people need 10 to 30 units of Botox. The results can last up to four months. 

3. Between the Eyebrows

The area between your eyebrows is the glabella, so the lines that form there are called glabellar lines. They can make you look tired and even angry. That is another popular area for Botox placement because the injections can effectively reduce the appearance of these lines. 

For glabellar lines, you will need between 10 and 25 units, depending on the size of the lines. Like for crow’s feet, Botox injections for glabellar lines can last three to four months. 

4. Upper Eyebrow

Another of the most common places to get Botox on face wrinkles is the upper eyebrow. When you get Botox injections there, the results can mimic those of an eyebrow lift because it can relax the muscles that cause your upper eyelids to droop.

You may need two to five units on each side of the upper eyebrow. The results can last around three months. 

5. Side of Your Nose

On the Botox areas face diagram, another wrinkle you may see appears on the side of your nose when you scrunch up your face. These are called bunny lines or nasalis lines. In some cases, the lines can extend up to the lower eyelid. 

Most people need between 5 and 10 units per side to treat bunny lines. The results can last between three and four months, and then, you will begin seeing the lines reappear. 

6. Dimpled Chin

If you have a dimpled or puckered chin, these marks can worsen as you age because the muscles in the area can become more active. Botox can help smooth out the area. 

You may need between two and six units of Botox for a dimpled chin. Injections for this site are one of the longest-lasting options, with many people enjoying results for five or six months. 

7. Smile Lines

For the smile lines that form around your mouth, Botox injections can also help. These lines can extend downwards toward the jaw, giving you a droopy look and even making you appear sad or angry. Injections at the site can help you regain a livelier and happier look. 

Most people need between three and six units on each side for smile lines. You can enjoy the results for anywhere from three to six months. 

8. Neck

If you have neck bands that make your neck look older than it should, Botox injections can help. For necklines, you may need between 25 and 50 units. The results can last from four to six months. 

9. Gummy Smile

If you have a smile that shows a lot of gum, you can also turn to Botox injections. Botox helps weaken the lip muscles that allow your gums to show so much when you smile. 

To resolve this issue, you may need between two and four units. The results can last between three and five months. 

10. Lip Flip

A Botox lip flip can be done on its own or with fillers. It allows you to get the look of a fuller upper lip by rolling the lip outward. The fine lines above your lip can also disappear. 

For a Botox lip flip, you may need about 10 units. The results can last two to five months, depending on whether you use fillers or Botox.  

Diminish Dynamic Wrinkles with Wave Plastic Surgery

If you are worried about dynamic wrinkles, the first step is to contact us at Wave Plastic Surgery. With a Botox injection sites face diagram, we can help you decide on the best anti aging procedure options for your desired results. 

Don’t stress over dynamic wrinkles that can make you look older when there is a solution. Learn more about Botox injections and our Botox face chart today. Give us a call at Wave Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with one of our experts. We’re ready to give you a more youthful appearance, boosting your confidence and leaving you feeling great.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Dr. Peter Lee, MD, FACS, Founder, CEO and Chief Surgeon of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center and Advanced Endotine Bioskills surgeon educator and trainer, is a top Los Angeles board-certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Peter Lee is a board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Drawing patients from around the world, he is both an innovator and thought leader who has advanced the discipline of plastic surgery through his lifelong commitment to excellence and education. In addition to being bilingual in English and Korean, Dr. Lee has mentored and trained master surgeons in South Korea, China and other Asian countries in state-of-the-art techniques and scientific advancements in the field.

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